2018 USSF New Referee Certification Clinics - All Districts

  1. The minimum age is 14 years old, i.e. born prior to year 2005 (and will turn 14 at anytime during the 2018 calendar year).  
  2. All attendees must pre-register online.
  3. Prior to the classroom session you must complete all the on-line training
  4. All referees must complete the concussion awareness course.  Print the certificate and bring to to class.
  5. If your are 18 or older, you must complete OSYSA Risk Management.  Print the certificate and bring it to class.
  6. Attend 3 indoor and one outdoor session.
  7. Fee is $70.  Make your check payable to OSSRC.
  • Clinic sessions maybe subject to cancellation due to lack of registered participants.

  • Participants should check the OSSRC website immediately prior to a classroom session for any last-minute changes.
Click on the buttons below:

  online training Required Prior to Attending 1st Session    
Pre-register Required All Referees                               
Concussion Required All Referees                               
Risk Management Required - Referees 18 years or older       
                            Pre-registration Status                                                                    
District 1 - Cincinnati
Contact District 1 DRA - email:  dra1@ossrc.com
District 2 - Dayton
Contact District 2 DRA - email:  dra2@ossrc.com
District 3 - Columbus
Contact District 3 DRA - email:  dra3@ossrc.com
District 4 - Marietta
Contact District 4 DRA - email:  dra4@ossrc.com
District 5 - Sidney
Contact District 5 DRA - email:  dra5@ossrc.com

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