Job Descriptions

State Youth Referee Administrator

Title: State Youth Referee Administrator
Function: Carries out the mission of the National Program for Referee Development within the state. Serves as liaison between the State Referee Committee and the State Youth Association.
Requirements: Administrative ability, knowledge of the needs of the state, ability to work smoothly with state and local officials.
Appointment: State Youth Association with the recommendation of the State Referee Committee.
Reports to: State Youth Association with functional responsibilities to State Referee Committee.
  1. Assigns officials to all intra-state Youth Cup Games.
  2. Examines all material submitted by the tournament directors before approving tournaments.
  3. Selects officials to attend training at the ODP camps.
  4. Appoints and administers officials to Region Two Tournament.
  5. Identify young officials and recommend then to the State Referee Committee for special training.
  6. Administer the recreational referee programs.

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State Referee Administrator
Ken Baldeosingh
8969 Cedargate Pl
Dayton, Ohio 45424