Job Descriptions

State Referee Administrator

Title: State Referee Administrator
Function: Carries out the mission of the National Program for Referee Development within the state. Serves as liaison between the National Referee Department Office, the National Referee Committee and the State Association(s).
Requirements: Administrative ability, knowledge of the needs of the state, ability to work smoothly with state and local officials. The State Referee Administrator may be a member of the State Board Executive Committee, but shall not be the president or chief officer of the State Association. Strong communication skills (oral and written) and an ability to work effectively with a diverse group are needed.
Appointment: State Association (USSF Policy 531-1, (1))
Reports to: State Association(s) with functional responsibilities to National Referee Program.
Duties: Specific duties may be delegated by the State Referee Administrator, but he/she remains responsible for the proper discharge of each duty.
a. Coordinates activities and appointments with state association officers (adult and youth) and State Youth Referee Administrator.

b. Coordinates activities with referee associations, if any exist.

c. Coordinates activities with State Director of Instruction, State Director of Assessment, and State Assignor Coordinator.

d. Maintains liaison with the National Office for administrative questions.

e. Contacts the National Office for rule interpretations other than those related to the Laws of the Game for USSF By Laws and Policies.

f. Sends relevant information from USSF to all referees.

g. Responsible for applying Federation standards in coordination with referee instructor(s) to grade each referee in his area for each registration period. The State Referee Administrator (or delegate) shall certify the grade of each referee.

h. Provides access to Federation registration forms to all referees, instructors, assessors and assignors, either electronic or paper.

i. Makes recommendations for selection of State Director of Referee Instruction, State Director of Referee Assessment, State Assignor Coordinator, USSF International Referees, and Referees assigned to International Club matches within the state to the USSF Director of Officials.

j. Secures registration of all referees before expiration of previous registration.

k. Checks all registration forms for proper completion, with particular attention regarding: (a) Referee's grade. (b) Physical fitness results. (c) Game experience. (d) Assessment requirements.

l. Collects correct fee for each registration.

m. Sends 1/2 of the fee to the Federation National Office. Retains 1/2 of the fee.

n. Keeps a file of referee registrations (current and past years) for a period of 3-years in either paper or electronic form.

o. Note referee experience on the registration forms (or verify it) from year to year for upgrading purposes, and maintain a complete record of each referee's experience to date.

p. Identifies needs for referee training and requests the State Director of Instruction to provide them.

q. Internal discipline for referees for incompetence, questions of actual misconduct on the field, and failure to appear are properly in the sphere of the State Association unless delegated by it to some other person or persons.
1. (Note: Failure to appear for reasonable fear of personal danger is not grounds for suspension).
r. Purchases adequate supply of badges, pins, etc. from the National Office and controls distribution to currently registered referees.

s. Recruits sufficient referees to cover affiliated games with registered officials using the diagonal system of control (DSC).

t. Should not perform assessments as it will impede other duties and may lead to conflicts of interest.

u. Shall complete a report of all clinics, including: Entry, Advanced, recertification, assessment, assignor, instructor, lectures, etc., held each year in the State Association, and send it to the National Office in December of each year. Clinics should include the instructor-in-charge and the number in attendance. Assessment report should include the number of assessments completed and the name of the assessor.

v. Prepare an annual budget, and an annual report of income and expenditures to the state association(s) and the National Referee Committee.
If these duties are not assumed by the State Referee Committee, the State Referee Administrator must provide for such fiscal control procedures necessary for proper fund accounting.

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State Referee Administrator
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