Job Descriptions

State Director of Referee Instruction

Title: State Director of Instruction
Function: Carries out the National Instructional Program at the State Association level.
Requirements: Must hold a current State Referee Instructor grade or higher with a demonstrated competency in:
  1. Administration, program Planning and implementation
  2. Referee Instruction
  3. Cooperation with all levels of State Administration
Appointment: State Referee Committee with concurrence of the State Associations and the State Referee Administrator for a fixed 2-year term. Reappointment in consecutive or discontinuous terms is permissible.
Reports to: The State Referee Administrator and the State Referee Committee
    1. Develops, implements, evaluates and provides at least five (5) hours of In-Service training for all levels of referees through State Referee.
    2. Administers the Entry Level Referee Courses.
    3. Administers the recertification fitness test for grade seven referees and higher; and written test for all referees.
    4. Administers the upgrade courses for upgrades as sanctioned by USSF.
    1. Supervises and evaluates the instructional staff.
    2. May recommend instructors for upgrading or down grading; or may dismiss instructors. All such recommendations are to be reported to the Manager of Referee Development and Education and the State Referee Administrator.
    3. Responsible for ensuring course integrity of USSF sanctioned Instructor Courses (Associate Instructor).
    4. Provide an Instructional Theory Into Practice (ITIP) Referee Instructor Courses taught by a national approved instructor with the assistance of the SDI as required.
    5. Conduct annual in-service training for all instructors to disseminate new materials, changes to the Laws of the Game changes, testing and ITIP refresher modules.
    6. Approves the assignment of all instructors, including out-of-jurisdiction. When the assignment is out-of-jurisdiction, the guidelines cited in this document must be followed.
    7. Registers all instructors, except National, residing within the State Association jurisdiction with the Federation.
    1. Assures in-service training programs are up to date, and conform to the USSF guidelines.
    2. Approves all non-USSF sanctioned instructional materials to be used within the State Association.
    1. Acts as the sole interpreter of the Laws of the Game within the State, disseminating standardized interpretations. Defers to United States Soccer Federation Program for Referee Development office if uncertain about specific interpretations of the Laws of the Game.
    1. Acts as liaison between the members of the State Instructional Program Committee for all matters pertaining to instruction, application and interpretation of the Laws of the Game.
    2. Assists the State Director of Assessment, when requested, in matters pertaining to instruction, application, and interpretation of the Laws of the Game.
    3. Upon invitation, may advise affiliated Leagues, Clubs and Associations in the application and interpretation of the laws.
    4. Acts as liaison between appropriate administrators and instructors concerning interstate teaching assignments.
    1. Maintains record of all Clinics, Courses and Recertifications held within the state association to include attendees and instructors.
    2. Maintains communication with the State Referee Administrator.

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State Referee Administrator
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