Job Descriptions

State Director of Assessment

Title: State Director of Assessment
Function: Carries out the National Assessment Program at the State Association level.
Requirements: Must hold a current State Assessor grade or higher with a demonstrated competency in:
  1. Administration, program planning and implementation.
  2. Referee Assessment
  3. Cooperation with the State Referee Committee.
Appointment: For a fixed 2-year term by the State Referee Committee with concurrence of the SRA. Reappointment in consecutive or discontinuous terms is permissible.
Reports to: The State Referee Administrator and the State Referee Committee.
  1. Carry out the programs of the National Assessment Program, developing local program as needed to meet this responsibility.
  2. Work with the State Referee Program to train and develop sufficient assessors to meet the assessment needs of the State Associations.
  3. Organize programs for developing, testing and upgrading assessors, and recommending those upgrades to the District Director of Assessment.
  4. Coordinate registration and certification of referee assessors according to USSF and OSSRC criteria.
  5. May recommend assessors for upgrade, downgrade or may dismiss assessors.
  6. Keep records and prepare statistics in connection with referee assessments. Develop a local database to maintain these records for all referees within the state, supplying information to the State Referee Committee, as required.
  7. Keep the District Directors of Assessments apprized of information pertinent to the operation of the program within the state, including an annual report.
  8. Maintain contact with assessors throughout the state and promote their welfare.
  9. May recommend DDA to the State Referee Committee.
  10. Provide expertise in connection with State Referee selection, game assignments and other information required by the SRA.
  11. Provide access to assessment forms and supporting materials (electronic or paper).
  12. May be called upon to perform other duties in connection with referee assessments by the State Association or USSF.
  13. Provide routine feedback to SDI about topics with solution for inclusion into the instruction program.

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