Job Descriptions

State Assignor Coordinator

Title: State Assignor Coordinator
Function: Carries out the mission of the National Program for Assignor Development within the state. Serves as liaison between the State Referee Committee and the State Association(s).
Requirements: Administrative ability, knowledge of the needs of the state, ability to work smoothly with state and local assignors.
Appointment: State Referee Committee with concurrence of the State Referee Administrator. Must hold a current assignor certification.
Reports to: State Referee Committee and the State Referee Administrator for the priority of activities and development of appropriate to meet association's need.
  1. Help develop and implement assignor and assignor instructor curriculum, content, materials and program.
  2. Plans, conducts and supervises basic and in-service training.
  3. Supervises the assignors within the State; prepares and submits semi-annual assignors training reports to the State Referee Committee.
  4. Gathers, organizes, disseminates and implements a library of assignors materials, aids and packages for use in the assignor programs within the state.
  5. May not reassign referees who have accepted previous assignments.

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State Referee Administrator
Ken Baldeosingh
8969 Cedargate Pl
Dayton, Ohio 45424