Job Descriptions

District Director of Instruction

Title: District Director of Instruction
Function: Carries out the mission of the State Program for Referee Development within the district. Serves as liaison between the State Director of Instruction and the local instructors.
Requirements: Administrative ability, knowledge of the needs of the state, ability to work smoothly with state and local officials.
Appointment: State Referee Committee with concurrence of the State Director of Instruction. Must be an experienced instructor but state level preferred and a grade seven referee.
Reports to: State Referee Committee and the State Director of Instruction.
  1. Schedule instructors for all entry level referee course, re-registration referee clinics and fitness testing as required for the local area.
  2. Coordinate the acquisition and distribution of clinic materials and teaching aids.
  3. Develop curriculum and lesson plans for clinics unless provide by USSF or the State Director of Instruction.
  4. Coordinate topics of emphasis with the DDA for in-service clinics.
  5. Coordinate support, encourage participation and assist as necessary with state sponsored activities in the area.
  6. Conduct meetings for local instructors as needed.
  7. Evaluate, monitor and assist local instructors.
  8. Identify qualified referees as candidates to become instructors.
  9. Provide local instructors with training materials and teaching resources as distributed by the SDI.
  10. Assist and coordinate activities with DDA and ARD as necessary.
  11. Act as the local USSF rules interpreter and forward any unsolved questions to the SDI.
  12. Shall complete an annual report of all clinics held each year.
  13. Responsible for administrating the USSF Fitness Test to all grade seven and eight officials.
  14. Must authorize all payment for all local instructors and send information to SDI.

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