Ken Conselyea Award, 2012

Victor Popescu


  • Graduated from Youngstown State University in 1969 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree.

  • Retired from the Ohio Department of Transportation in 1999, after 32 years of service.
  • During the 1960's and early 1970's played for the Campbell Olympic, and Danube Swaben
    (now Concordia) in the First Division of the Lake Erie Soccer League.
  • Began refereeing in mid 1970's in the Youth League for the City of Upper Arlington.
    The league was recreational and did not require a license.
  • In 1978 obtained a High School Referee License, and shortly after a USSF License, and Collegiate License.
  • Officiate 9 State High School finals (7 as referee, and 2 as assistant referee)
  • Referee of the 1st Division 1 Boys Final game played in the Crew Stadium.
  • Game assignor for various leagues.
  • President of the Central Ohio Soccer Officials Association for over 25 years.
  • National Referee.
  • Officiated in the NAIA National Finals.
  • Officiated in 4 NCAA Division 3, National Finals.
  • Officiated in the Mid America Conference finals.
  • Officiated numerous North Cost Athletic Conference finals.
  • Officiated in the Big 10 Conference, and the Big 10 Conference Finals.
  • Game assignor for the Ohio Chapter of NISOA for 10+ years.
  • National referee assessor.
USSF Referee Achivements.
  • USSF Grade 5 referee.
  • Officiated State Cup Finals, Region 2 Youth Finals, and Region 2 Amateur Finals.
  • Officiated numerous Youth Tournaments throughout the USA.
  • Officiated in a number of Amateur Leagues in Ohio and Indiana.
  • Officiated USISL Pro matches, as well as International Club matches.
  • State Referee Instructor.
  • State Referee Assessor.
  • President of the Columbus Area Soccer Officials Association for 18 years.

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