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2018 Recert Instructor Clinic - Xenia *** CANCELLED TO BE RESCHEDULED ***

Type: instructor Clinic
Level: intermediate
District: 1
Contact: Charlie Keaney
Contact EmailType: cjkeaney@yahoo.com
Contact Phone:

Date: 11/18/2017
Time: 1:30 - 4 pm
Location: Springboro on Jan. 6


Mandatory that all USSF Instructors attend an Instructor Re-certification session and complete the 2018 Instructor On-Line training prior to attending the clinic session. This is the first scheduled recertification clinic for all Instructors. The second and last Instructor recert clinic will be held in November.

The Instructor clinic session starts with a one-hour COMBINED SESSION WITH THE ASSESSORS, which begins at 1:45 PM sharp... BE ON TIME!

Pre-Registration is required ... must pre-register prior to 07/25/2017......... This is NOT AN OPTION!!
If also attending as an Assessor, you must also pre-register separately for the Assessor clinic.

The 2018 Instructor On-Line training material will be send individually to each pre-registrant via e-mail (by July 26) with details indicating the pre-work that will need to be completed prior to attending the clinic session, along with any further instructions.

NOTE: Please log on to www.ossrc.com with your Ref ID number and password. Correct any errors in your information. Print out your: (1) Pre-Printed Re-registration Form, and (2) Required On-Line ReCert Print-Out Documents and bring all items to the clinic session.

Failure to complete all of the on-line training material in its entirety prior to attending the ReCert clinic session is unacceptable and may result in not receiving credit for attending the ReCert clinic session.
Dual Instructors/Assessors must bring 2 registration copies, one for each discipline.

Recertification Fee = $45 (Grade 7 Instructors) and $75 (Grade 5 Instructors) ... Make all checks payable to "OSSRC"

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