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2018 State Referee Clinic - Xenia

Type: referee Clinic
Level: advanced
District: 1
Contact: Charlie Keaney
Contact EmailType: cjkeaney@yahoo.com
Contact Phone:

Date: 11/18/2017
Time: 8 - 11:30 am
Location: Greene County, Media Room, 595 Ledbetter Rd, Xenia

Mandatory that all USSF Grade 7 Referees, Grade 6 State Referees and Grade 15 State Emeritus Referees attend a Grade 6, 7 & Emeritus Referee Re-Certification session and complete the 2018 Grade 6, 7 & Emeritus On-Line training prior to attending the clinic session. There is only one (1) other advanced clinic training session scheduled for recertifying Referee Grades 6, 7 & Emeritus. This session will be held in February.
Attendance at a Grade 8 ReCert session will NOT be satisfactory to meet re-certification requirements for Grade 6, 7 & Emeritus Referees.

This is a 2018 USSF ReCertification clinic intended only for Grade 6, 7 & Emeritus referees and Grade 8 referees upgrading to Grade 7.

To pre-register click on: (CLICK HERE)

Print out your: (1) Pre-Printed Re-registration Form,(2) OSYSA Approved Risk Management Form and (3) Required On-Line ReCert Print-Out Documents and bring all items to the clinic session along with your registration fee.
Failure to complete all of the on-line training material in its entirety prior to attending the ReCert clinic session is unacceptable and may result in not receiving credit for attending the ReCert clinic session.

Recertification fee = $75 (Grade 6 & Emeritus).... $55 (Grade 7) ... Make all checks payable to "OSSRC"

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