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2018 Recert Instructor Clinic - Springboro

Type: instructor Clinic
Level: intermediate
District: 1
Contact: Charlie Keaney
Contact EmailType: cjkeaney@yahoo.com
Contact Phone:

Date: 1/6/2018
Time: 1 - 4 pm
Location: GAC Fitness Center, 827 W. Central Ave. Springboro OH

Mandatory that all USSF Instructors attend an Instructor Re-certification session and complete the 2018 Instructor On-Line training prior to attending the clinic session. This is the last scheduled recertification clinic for Instructors.

The Instructor clinic session will be combined with the Assessors, which begins at 1:00 PM... BE ON TIME!

To pre-register: (CLICK HERE)

Pre-Registration is required ... must pre-register prior to 1/03/2018......... This is NOT AN OPTION!!
If also attending as an Assessor, you must also pre-register separately for the Assessor clinic.

The 2018 Instructor On-Line training material will be sent individually to each pre-registrant via e-mail (by Jan. 3) with details indicating the pre-work that will need to be completed prior to attending the clinic session, along with any further instructions.

NOTE: Please log on to www.ossrc.com with your Ref ID number and password. Correct any errors in your information. Print out your: (1) Pre-Printed Re-registration Form, and (2) Required On-Line ReCert Print-Out Documents and bring all items to the clinic session.

Failure to complete all of the on-line training material in its entirety prior to attending the ReCert clinic session is unacceptable and may result in not receiving credit for attending the ReCert clinic session.
Dual Instructors/Assessors must bring 2 registration copies, one for each discipline.

Recertification Fee = $45 (Grade 7 Instructors) and $75 (Grade 5 Instructors) ... Make all checks payable to "OSSRC"

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