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Game Assignments on OSSRC.COM


Go to www.ossrc.com

Click on “Game Assignments”

Under Referee Login put in your Ohio South Ref # and your password then click “Go”

On next page click “All Games” or “My Games and open games”

Then pick the time frame and complex. You can pick a certain complex and time today, next 3 days, 7 days, next 14 days, next 30 days, remainder of season or entire season

Then pick the dates if you choose 3, 7, 14, or 30 days.

Then click “show games”

You will then see the games that are on the system

If you have an add button on any game, then you can request that game and position

The assignor will then decide based upon the requests who to assign to that game

If you are assigned, you will receive an email.


The assigning system rates all referees registered in Ohio South.

After registration, you will receive your Ohio South number and password for the ossrc system

The system generates a rating of all referees based upon grade, age and experience

Therefore, when you see openings on games but you do not have an “add” button, that means the game is rated above your rating

Increases in your rating is based upon experience and upon grade. The higher the grade the more upper level games you are able to request.

If you want an assessment, please email the assignor for the game and the assignor can override the rating system and place you on that game.

If you believe your rating is too low, you can send an email to your assignor indicating your experience in officiating and requesting an increase in your rating.

You can also request an assessment which is probably the best way to get your rating increased.


All Ohio South State Cup games are placed on the system.

These games are placed on the system beginning in early April

The Rounds of 16 to the finals are put into the system around the 3rd week of April

Also, there are many tournament and league assignors that use the system to assign their tournaments and leagues.

Therefore, check the system often as games are added continually throughout the spring and fall seasons.

Any questions, please email your assignor or the State Youth Referee Administrator at syra@ossrc.com.

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Posted: 2017-08-06

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