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Fitness Test for Grade 6 & 7 Referees


Pre-Registration will be Required (at least 4 days prior to test session).  Go to "Event Calandar" and click on Fitness Test Session that you intend to participate to view test criteria.  Then click on link provided at the end in order to pre-register for session.  Understand that session may be cancelled due to lack of participation.

The Fitness Test will be the USSoccer Grade 6 test

Sprint Test: 6 times, 40 meters sprint at 6.4 seconds

Interval Test: Ten (10) laps (40 intervals), 75 meter run in 17 seconds and 25 meters recovery in 20 seconds

A summary of the Fitness Test sessions scheduled in 2017 in order to satisfy 2018 recertification requirements are shown in the chart below:

  District          Spring      Summer            Fall   
  Cincinnati           TBD         TBD            TBD
  Dayton     Sun.,  June 11 
  Sun., July 23 
      Sun., Nov. 19 
  Columbus            TBD         TBD            TBD



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Posted: 2015-11-12

State Referee Administrator
Ken Baldeosingh
8969 Cedargate Pl
Dayton, Ohio 45424