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FIFA/USSF 2016-17 Law Changes

Click here Laws Explained  for the OSSRC presentation of the significant "Law Changes" as they relate to match play and what referees need to know to enforce them accordingly.  Clicking on the "LOTG Explained" button on the left will take you to the same presentation.

The Laws of the Game and the Interpretation of the Laws were previously separated into two distinct sections.  The new 206-page IFAB Laws of the Game document not only combines the two sections into one comprehensive and simplified set of Laws, but also includes: 1) a section devoted to the Law Changes with an explaination of the details comparing the new and old versions of a Law; 2) a Glossary defining common soccer terminology and 3) a section on "Practical Guidelines for Match Officials".    To view the revised Laws of the Game and a complete list and explanation of all the changes click on the IFAB Laws of the Game icon located to the left on this page.

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Posted: 2016-07-05

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2016-17 LOTG Explained
Small-Sided Rules
No Heading Rule

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